Workshop With Cameron Angus

Saturday October  19th 2019 10am – 5pm

Early bird price £130 (booked before July 31st 2019)
Regular price: £160
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How does a muscle perform so many functions? Hip stabilizer, rotator and flexor.  Spinal stabiliser, Spine extensor and flexor! Synergist with so many other connecting movement pathways.

This academic and practical workshop looks at these many functions and identifies optimum patterning for the hip. pelvis and spine.  Cameron has been teaching this workshop for ten years now in answer to the need to establish a sensible “middle road” in this subject for movement teachers. 

Psoas has become a “mystical” muscle and is surrounded by legend, rumour, hope, poor science and also luckily some good science. This workshop looks at what we truly know from Cameron’s academic clinical experience and adds his extensive movement education experience. Including a 30 year history in the world of Pilates with influences from classical to contemporary. 

You will get an understanding of not just Psoas but how like every other muscle it is part of various teams and that is the key to integrating good function and assisting your clients.

Participants will leave ready to use a bunch of new exercises and techniques, plus new insights into some of the repertoire exercises.

You will get:

A deep understanding of regional musculoskeletal anatomy

Normal psoas, hip and spine kinematics, including role in gait

Common presentations of psoas/pelvic dysfunction

Understanding of movement dysfunction, including “clicking hips”, “overactive hip flexors”.

Update on psoas muscle function research including summary of common myths

Integration of common Pilates exercises into movement solutions

What is “release”, when to release, when to activate.

Strategies for psoas function in all positions

Great client motivational strategies for healthy psoas mechanics and posture

Plenty of time to discuss your experiences and perspectives.

A fresh view on your abilities and opportunities as a teacher.


Cameron is renowned for creating great ways to get people well through movement and positive attitude. His vast clinical, movement teacher, lecturing, cognitive and holistic experience has put him in a unique position.

A Clinical Specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist with over 30 years experience, an international renown clinical teacher, lecturer and movement teacher. Involved with Pilates since the 80s he is trained as a fully certified studio teacher and has learned from the many schools and individuals in the Pilates and movement world, from classical to contemporary. He now trains Pilates and other movement related instructors himself at his own studio and around the world. He teaches on Pilates on Tour as part of the Balanced Body faculty presents with other major training organisations and to the medical world. He taught on the first Sports Medicine post graduate course for doctors. Cameron has extensive experience in bodywork, performance (a GB Triathlete himself in the 90s) and rehabilitation. He has published research.  Widely travelled as a sports and military physiotherapist he was the first British Triathlon physiotherapist. He has held Olympic and Commonwealth games posts, He was Officer Commanding Physiotherapy at Headley Court, and other Military Rehabilitation units in London and Edinburgh. His team established the MOD Amputee service and many award winning clinical pathways.  His operational service includes Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. These experiences profoundly shaped him. Cameron now runs his own Practice and Movement studio, Ergotonics, close to where he grew up in Stirling, Scotland and travels with his teaching. Cameron’s experience, knowledge and a positive approach create a unique blend to help professionals and clients foster their health and education needs.

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